The chickens are coming!

What my chickies will look like when they grow up! Like, in 8 weeks.
I feel like an expectant mama once again, except without heartburn, sickness, a ginormous belly (I am not exaggerating; I had a 10 lb 9 oz baby and then a 9 lb 5 oz’er), and something of the devil called “round ligament pain.”

Whew. Anyway, I am expecting baby chicks to arrive in the mail on June 14th! Two Buff Orpingtons, two Plymouth Rocks. My children are beside themselves every time we talk about it, and frankly, so am I. We’re moving closer to being able to feed ourselves more sustainably from our very own backyard, and that just feels so good after these years of knowing what we wanted to do and, frankly, having the time, the money, but not the umph to do it!

This year, as our kids are older, someone gifted us with umph, and we have a decently thriving garden and soon, CHICKS! Which makes me all levels of both Chick and Pastor!


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