Coop’s almost up….

Can’t wait! The chicks are suddenly WAY too big for their box, which looked huge a few short weeks ago, and we are trying hard in the midst of heat and horrendous mosquitoes to build their house. This is the work in progress:

It’s a Little Tikes house that we bought on Craigslist, painted with Krylon Fusion (worked okay, not awesome, but okay), and are now building the run on to the back. We’ll start putting hardware cloth on the wood after it’s framed in (it’s like chicken wire, but smaller so predators can’t get in). I’m pretty happy with it, and I think the girls will be too! They are getting so big all of a sudden, and EATING! Their favorite treats are tomato remnants, rice, and yogurt. And also when we hand-feed them mosquitoes. Pics to come soon.


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