Chickpastor goes to Hollywood

So, apparently, Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy have chickens. There is an awesome quote (elsewhere) that has Macy saying that he figured out with the cost of the coop, the feed, and the chicks, each egg will cost $85. And it will be worth every penny.

Fairly fantastic. I also saw a preview of Kate Plus 8, who, bless her heart, got talked into getting chickens by one of their producers, no doubt. I can’t stomach that show, which is saying a lot since my favorite by far is “I didn’t know I was pregnant,” but it all points to chickens being cool.

Which is good, because in a few days my partner of the movie-writing fame and I head to L.A. Yeah, there’s Hollywood and all, and yeah, we’ll go to another movie premiere and get ignored some more, but there’s two words for what I’m really looking forward to:


An actual quote from my L.A. cousin: “You haven’t lived til you’ve eaten Cheesy Mac and Rib from the Grilled Cheese truck.” SUBLIME! I’ll report next week.


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