How to build a Little Tikes Coop for under $200

Okay….it was under $200 plus the mistake of buying a pre-made $125 coop that ended up being too small…..anyway!

This is the finished coop and run. The run goes for five feet behind the house, underneath it, and for eight feet lengthwise, making for more than 10 square feet per chicken (the recommended size).
Chicken house for the ladies

On the inside, on side is devoted pretty much to the roost (and the poop under it, still need to get a poop tray!), and the other to food and water.

roost in the house
At night, all four chickens line up on the roost to sleep! so cute

food and water, of course!

And, of course, the guests of honor:

My awesome partner in life and chickens did a lot of the work on the framing of the run. It’s covered in hardware cloth, which is neither cloth nor hardware, but does keep chickens safe from raccoons. I spray painted the coop with Krylon fusion paint….it worked okay, especially the textured version (silver), and is much better than pink, blue, and yellow for our backyard.

The best part is how happy the chicks seem, in their chicken way. They scratch around, go in the shade, fly up and down the ramp, and generally are having happy chicken lives as we like to call it!


5 thoughts on “How to build a Little Tikes Coop for under $200

    1. I honestly can’t remember…I think we just put them against one of the walls. We used filing boxes so they had lids, with a big hole cut out on the side. The girls seemed to like them just fine.

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