“Help is NOT on the way.” 40 Days of Yoga, Day 2

In today’s class, which was from 2009, by the way, Dave quoted his mentor, Baron Baptiste, who said at some point during a class, “Help is NOT on the way.” He said he didn’t like it at first, because isn’t there supposed to be a COMMUNITY and people HELPING each other and all that stuff that yoga (and I will also interject Christianity!) is supposed to be about!

I didn’t like it either, because I think all that new age “your help can come from within!” is contrary to “our help comes from God.” Until I thought about it for a sec.

I feel like I need to preface this with saying that sometimes, YOU NEED TO GET HELP! Obviously in big situations with capital letters, help is required. Therapists are great, medications can be miraculous, churches can actually function as the community of God’s hands. This is true.

But. My mentor has also said the same thing to me, “The only one on your side is YOU.” And I also believe that to be true. Sometimes, help is NOT on the way. Sometimes, the only way to get through a situation when no one is coming to save you from it or defend your honor is to breathe, to pray, to marshall the resources that you KNOW you have, and walk through it. In that way, I find a weird sort of honest comfort in it! Anne Lamott says something similar about how it’s just her, Jesus, and the kitty.

Tough day.

And I have to say that if you have a kitty, you know that it’s really just about you and Jesus. Happy Day 2, y’all.


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