40 Days of Yoga, Week 2

Today makes a full seven days of yoga! Nine, if you count my practice days, and six, if you don’t count Sunday when I rested.

On Sunday, my body simply had to rest. I worked the entire day (mostly at church but also two hours at home) and when I got home from work the second time, I just needed to Be. My yoga consisted of me laying on the floor with some horrible tv, and it was exactly what I needed.

Monday was the first time in years that I felt that yoga bliss….that lightness that comes when you’re getting strong enough to enjoy the poses.  I listened to a podcast taped outside at a park, and felt very much a part of that playfulness (and quite a tough, interesting class too). 

But then there was Tuesday.

I felt like a noodle, and not in a good way. I had tons to do at work, and that could have had something to do with it for sure, but I committed to 40 days of yoga and I put that podcast on.

It was kind of a disaster. I couldn’t get balanced, I did child’s pose a LOT, I felt like it was my first yoga FAIL, even after Monday’s awesomeness.  I decided I was done for the day, and went to turn it off, and I noticed that I had been doing yoga for 35 minutes!  Nice…a great surprise and reward, and evn though I didn’t finish the class, I practiced that day what I needed to practice.

And then today? Today was beautiful. I took it very easy the first part of class, and then it was totally fun. I took Dave’s advice to keep playing with switching my feet in handstand prep, and he was right….I almost got there.

I am not this bendy.

My takeaway for today was something that hearkens to a Jesus saying….Dave said something like “make yourself strong and have compassion for yourself first, and then you can use that strength to help the community and then the world.”  Good advice, especially right now. 

“Love your neighbor as yourself” assumes we love ourselves.  The closing word in a yoga class does too. Namaste.


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