Lent means Lengthen….who knew?

Lengthening, in purple Tron.
I was messing around on the Twitters, as we call them these days, and noticed that several of my friends were following “Lent_2011.” I went to the article that was attached, and it said that the word “Lent” comes from “Lengthen,” because the days are lengthening.

They are lengthening, daylight savings time notwithstanding, but because of my 40 days of yoga, lengthening has a different connotation. If I had to pick just one way that yoga helps physically, I would probably say that it lengthens. Even though I am not a particularly tall person, I feel “lengthy” when I stand in mountain pose, or triangle, or any number of regular poses.

The lengthening of days, of myself, of, as it suggests on the site, readings, worship, prayer, is really Lent, it seems! And so I’m happy these 40 days to have an extra reason to stand tall, to take up space, to lengthen.


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