Cheating on Dave

Yes, yes, you're TOTALLY the man. Just not today.
Yeah, you read that right. Dave is NOT my husband. He’s the yoga teacher who records my podcasts that I’ve been trying to do every day, even if I don’t always get through the whole thing! But today, I cheated. And it was GREAT.

I had a day of church yesterday as usual and had exactly an hour and a half to shoehorn in an hour and half of Dave, and since I practiced in the living room everybody talked to me while I was practicing but I still got it in.

And today, I was sore and tired. I found another podcast (it really did feel like cheating!) that was titled: “Spirit flow,” and more importantly was only 25 minutes long.

Dave, I’m sorry, but it was good to have a break. This flow did some interesting poses but all of them were variations of prayer. I needed that! It wasn’t easy (although it was shorter)…it was just a different variety of the same blessed poses, tweaked a bit to offer that prayer or praise the whole practice long. My favorite was Dave’s favorite, chair pose, but tweaked so that your hands were up, but wide, as if you were giving the praise to God while in that most uncomfortable pose! It changed the whole thing for me. I was finally able to find rest in that pose because it felt familar….praising God in the midst of uncomfortable situations is much of what I do, and it was nice to acknowledge that physically.

So perhaps it’s not so much like cheating but being ON A BREAK, in the best possible of ways. I’m looking forward to cheating again when I feel like it’s time. I don’t think Dave will mind. Namaste.


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