Yoga for Slackers

Yes, this is a yoga pose.
So. I am going on 20 days into this 40 days of yoga, and I’m realizing how ambitious it was to choose this for a Lenten discipline at this particular point in my life. And maybe it will be hard at any point in my life, and maybe that’s the POINT! Either way, I have not done yoga every single day. I obviously have not blogged every single day, and I’ve just had to let that go. I could detail the reasons why, but they’ll just add up to what YOU do every day and what my life is like, especially during Lent.

I did manage to practice for my full 75 minutes of Dave on Sunday afternoon. Every time I can get through a class without having to go somewhere or be genuinely interrupted (as opposed to pauses, which are frequent!), it’s really a gift, and I feel strong and great for the rest of the day and into the next.

So yes, I am down on myself for not doing it every day. But I’ve found that adding something for Lent actually DOES require giving something up! Something like SLEEP or time with kids or a clean house (or a remodeled house!) or TV veg time or (fill in the blank). And perhaps I wasn’t ready to give something else up after all this Lent. Painful, but good to know.

And I do know that when I make time for yoga it makes a significant difference in how I feel. I knew that before, but now I really know it, and I’m hoping that was the lesson I was meant to learn. I’m not giving up….just readjusting so that I can be faithful to the spirit of this discipline if not every single letter.


2 thoughts on “Yoga for Slackers

  1. And remember yoga can be just breath. Or a few rounds of sun salutations. It is taking the time. Setting the intention. I love Dave too. But I doubt I could do 40 days without sacrificing something important. Attention to that balance is just as important.

    Awesome journey to read!

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