Chair again.
So in my last post I was pretty discouraged because I just wasn’t doing what I thought I’d be doing. But I also was realizing just how unrealistic it was to think that I could actually DO that at this phase (and time of the year) of my life!

I found a Dave that lasts 45 minutes. That may sound long, but most Dave classes last between an hour and fifteen minutes and an hour and forty-five minutes. For real. What was I thinking?? Anyway, the forty-five minute class is on (they do not pay me….I wish!) and it’s even video, meaning that I can put it on my phone with some vague hopes of getting in some yoga while I’m in Guatemala next week.

Forty-five minutes of a Dave podcast is perfect. Yes, part of me totally LOVES the luxury of a long yoga class, but for daily practice, it’s just enough so that I can fit it in between everything else.

So I’m learning that just like in a yoga class, just like in life, just like with spiritual disciplines, adjustments are often required to get you where you need to go. Adjustments need to be made when a pose isn’t quite what it needs to be….when your life isn’t fitting right….when things just don’t add up. And we adjust, and then go on with our life. It might have cramped Dave’s style, but it saved mine.

A few practice notes: Yesterday when I did the 45 minute class, I was pretty stressed about everything I have needed to do to get our house ready to sell and myself ready for Guatemala (along with two kids and worship services galore). Here’s a funny thing….I could do the strength poses like crazy! Side crow, even if only for a few seconds! But the balance poses were a wreck. It was sort of gratifying to see my life illustrated in my body….balance is sort of a wreck this week, but I guess I’m getting stronger. Good to know, and fun too, when it’s borne out in yoga. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. What exactly saved your life? Yoga? Dave? Making adjustments? Making adjustments is what I am currently doing. No perfect poses, but faithful efforts.

    I’ve been following your yoga journey this Lent and remembering fondly our first yoga class in Bexley. Namaste. 🙂

  2. Life is an improvisation sketch, the Universe throws us a line & we make it up with those on stage with us. Lynda does yoga, she has hip reconstruction surgery 3 years ago, & it turned out very well. Take care Bethy.

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