Guatemala and Yoga

Created to observe Holy Week in Antigua, Guatemala
I could (and maybe will) write a million posts on my trip to Guatemala, but I am still (sporadically yet triumphantly!) practicing my Lenten discipline of yoga. And I will just share one very cool thing that I found out only through yoga after my trip. I did practice some yoga while I was in Guatemala, in the mornings, doing sun salutations to get rid of my stiff back and neck from working and riding around in a van all day. I had to channel my ujjayi breathing when riding in said van, because I have a teensy claustrophobia issue and there were many people packed in the van. I practiced being present, and breathing through uncomfortable situations, of which there were some, and as I asked Jesus to help me to be calm, I relaxed my physical self through the yoga practice.

When I came back home, I had to jump back into life as a pastor in one of the busiest two week spans of the church year, if not THE busiest. I was beyond tired, mentally and physically. I took some days off to just sit, when I had a free 20 minutes. But finally, I did my 45 minute yoga practice with Dave.

And what I found was a giant surprise. I rocked the balancing poses. I was super strong in the strength poses. I thought I would fall right over but it seems what I needed was a trip to Guatemala to balance everything out. Yes, I was not as flexible in the places where I carry stress, but to have balance and strength both be right there even after everything I was dealing with was enormously reassuring.

This morning, the same. Strong and balanced, but not terribly flexible. I will take this all into consideration as I move into Holy Week with all of its ups and downs, joys and anxieties.


One thought on “Guatemala and Yoga

  1. Yoga practice can be an amazing reflection of our state of being. Also a way to see the internal more clearly than we usually do.

    I think you are a rockstar for doing it in Guatemala! Happy and Blessed Holy Week 🙂

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