Women of the ELCA

Prayer shawls
Seriously, I counted. There were a kajillion.
WELCA. Well-Ka. Recently, Women of the ELCA, with a hyphen (W-ELCA), pronounced…um…Women of the EE EL Cee Ay. Ladies who, among other things, knit a kajillion prayer shawls so that when someone puts it on, she feels prayed for physically.

If you are Lutheran, the word might bring to mind your grandma or your mom, going to her meeting at church once a month, or those nice church ladies who complain about, well, everything. If you aren’t Lutheran, perhaps you’ve seen Dana Carvey many years ago late at night, doing a pretty fantastic impression of a “church lady.” The stereotype I’m going for is kind of like that.

Anyway, for the second time, I was asked to come to the Triennial gathering for W-ELCA and host the 5K run/walk/roll, as well as host the “athletic field” because of the camp theme. This is a gathering of several thousand women (and a decent amount of spouses/partners/children/etc) to hear speakers, do workshops, worship, and generally hang out with each other in a fun city.

Although I didn’t get to do as much as last time due to, well, working, I did still get to meet, connect, have a margarita, and generally hang out with a LOT of hilarious, awesome, hardworking, justice-loving women. I got to have dinner with two other chickpastors in their 30s (when does THAT ever happen?) and another fun woman who uses the Cafe Bible study for a young women’s group in her church. I got to meet Linda Post Bushovsky, the director of W-ELCA, and suggest to her a Droid app for Daily Grace (a very cool iPhone app that I wish I could use!). I got to hand the microphone to Bishop Hansen of the whole ELCA so he could pray before the 5K.

Run walk roll
In the center, the Dumbledore looking guy is the bishop of the ELCA.

Most of all, I got inspired to write again. I got inspired to blog, because I met a lovely pastor from Alaska (whose blog I cannot find….Julia, maybe in the comments?) who blogs regularly (and well) and I miss it, but also I promised to write and publish and send and all manner of things, and I need to DO IT.

Writing is like running or yoga for me….too much thinking about it leads to less doing of it, and more of it leads to more and more. I’d like to have a smart segue into this picture of a waterfall, but I don’t, so here’s an awesome pic of the waterfall that runs through downtown Spokane. Peace.

From an over-hyped (yet still cool) gondola ride over Spokane.


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