I’m no unicorn

Although I kind of wish I had this on a t-shirt now.

If you’ve wondered, then I’ll confirm it….YES, I am a woman. It’s sort of one of the points of this blog….chick + pastor = discuss.

My sermon on Sunday was about authority, and how Jesus dealt with challenges to his authority. I used as example how my authority gets challenged on a regular basis due to what I like to call “the woman thing.” A few months ago, a little girl waited to talk to me after worship and said, very excitedly, “My dad is a pastor! He doesn’t believe in women pastors!” Which totally makes me feel like a unicorn, and not in an awesome purple airbrushed way. I want to say, “You don’t have to believe in me….I’M RIGHT HERE!”

But really, what do you say to that? My job is so weird. I said the first thing that came to me, which was, “What do YOU think?”

After hemming and hawing a bit about what her DAD thought, she finally said, “I think I’m going to go with my dad on this one.”

My heart sank a bit. But I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been getting people saying this to me for fifteen years now, maybe longer than that due to my dabble into evangelical Christianity in college. I’m so used to it that I’m almost surprised when people DON’T say it for a while, or get up and walk out when I get up to preach (it happens).

When Jesus had his authority challenged by the leaders at the time, he said what I did, “What do YOU think?” Here’s what I took from this, and maybe you can take this too. When someone challenges the very core of who you are, where do you get your assurance? Where DOES your authority come from? If it comes from God, and you know it more than you know anything, you don’t have to be afraid or feel threatened. If it comes from somewhere else….the world….a set system of beliefs….even your family….do you really want to stand up to people with THAT when you get challenged time and time again? If you KNOW where your reasons come from, where your answers come from, where your authority comes from (for me, it’s the author of life itself), then you can put it right back on to them. What do YOU think?

And perhaps it’s the first time they’ve ever heard that question, and it can inspire them to “repent” and change their own life to expand their definition of God. I hope and pray it does.

As awesome as they are, I don’t want to be a unicorn.


4 thoughts on “I’m no unicorn

  1. And for every one of that girl who didn’t believe there are twice as many little girls who can dream of ministry while they sit in those pews because of you. The truly work hard work of Jesus requires thick skin and perseverance, but you already know that. πŸ™‚

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