Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 13

A crafty gift for you today!

This is a craft I made a few weeks ago, thanks to the joyful time waster that is Pinterest. It was pretty fun, didn’t take too long, and involved the kids, according to their interest at whatever moment it was. I will again give the standard disclaimer that I am NOT Martha Stewart and I do something like this a couple times a year, but this one was fun and accessible, so maybe you can enjoy it too.

Materials needed:
Piece of plywood, maybe 1.5×3 feet.
Spray paints, whatever colors you want
Decoupage stuff like modge podge (I won’t tell you how I know, but 10 years is not too long for decoupage to sit in your garage and STILL WORK).
Stencils (optional)
A computer and printer

What to do:
Decide your quote and colors, and spray paint your plywood the base color you want and let it dry (I used red). Please do use the spray paint in the garage or outside, and ventilate well. I wear a mask now in my old age, and don’t let the kids watch this part.

Get online and go to something like Dafont, and find the font you like (I did a search for “Christmas.” Type out the quote, very large, so that it mostly fills your plywood. Print it out, and cut around very close to the edges (a kindergartner and/or a third grader are helpful here!).

Somewhere in here, spray your accent color, which should be close to the color of your font (I used white so it blended in). You can use the stencils here, but don’t be too neat about it, because it’s just the background for your lettering. I used birds and berries, a stencil made by Martha herself! or at least with her NAME on it. Place your letters where you want them, and make sure that your paint color makes it so that the letters will blend in pretty well. When the paint is dry, then you can decoupage! Paint the backs of the letters/words, and put them in place. When everything is where you want it, paint over it with the decoupage (per the instructions, twice or three times). When all that is dry, smudge it a little if you want to make it more shabby chic. I had some brown stain and I smudged up the edges some, but do whatever you want as far as that goes.

Hope you have a good time, and if anybody actually does this, I’d love to see your pictures of what you made! Merry……wait for it…….CRAFTSMAS! *groan*


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