Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 14

Yesterday, Scott and I went to our kids’ school to see them present on what they had learned that semester. We LOVE this school for many reasons, but one of them is the astonishingly international group of students that attend.

Where the kindergartners' families are from

We occasionally hear snippets from other parents about how and where they used to live that are slightly shocking, such as when someone’s grandparents couldn’t get out of Libya because the US had declared it a no-fly zone (I’m not saying that we didn’t have a good reason, just, these were our friends’ PARENTS caught in the middle here).

But yesterday, as we were checking out the wall on which the kindergartners put their learnings about culture, we saw four pictures that were heartbreaking, amazing, and made us think about where we live and the things for which we’re grateful. It was called, “Why I love America,” by several kindergarteners.

One said: I Love America because everyone can Drive. (In some countries, women can’t drive legally).

Two: I love America because we have a lot of fancy toys. (hard to argue with, there).

Three : I love America because there is less pollution. (as much as we hear complaints, there are countries where it is much, much worse)

Four: I love America because we have Food. (Yes. Food.)

Let me say again that these are kids who are FIVE who are saying this. FIVE YEARS OLD. They’ve seen, or heard stories, about the country their parents came from, enough to know that this place where they live now is, indeed, a better place. Even with all the partisan politics, the infighting, the media, the sensationalized news, when people come here, as they do quietly every day, it is because America is where everybody gets a chance. So in Advent, a season of being present and grateful for what you’ve got, I saw those pictures, and for this moment, I am.


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