The Hardest Question

I am going to link to another blog today that I follow occasionally, called The Hardest Question, because the question for today follows perfectly what I’ve been thinking about as a leader of this church.

It talks about a story in which a teenager, an intern, really, was asleep, and he kept hearing a voice call to him. It was so real that he got up and went to ask his boss if he needed anything, and the third time this happened, his boss, a priest, realized that it was the voice of God speaking to this kid, Samuel.
Boy listening
The “hardest” question is a little different, but my question this Epiphany is this: How do we respond to any “call” that’s on our life? How do we listen for direction, whether or not we believe it comes from God or our inner self, or even a trusted friend? And when should we, like Samuel, say, “speak, God, your servant is listening,” and then, just shut up and DO IT?


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