Second Chances

An excellent take on the story I’m going to be talking about this weekend!

Jonah’s story is pretty awesome, and familiar. Go read it if you never have…it’s a short story; a parable about listening to God, and, yes, how God gives us second (and third, and millionth) chances to listen to God’s voice. I love the example of Jonah, because it’s so extreme! He tries to run away from God, and ends up (by his own choice, you might remember!) in the belly of the whale. And he thinks he’s going to die. But God (don’t the BEST stories start out that way?) remembered Jonah, and the best stories don’t always include barfing, but in this one they do, and with Jonah, barfed out of a whale on to the shore.

The next time, when God asks, Jonah gets his butt to Nineveh.


One thought on “Second Chances

  1. I listened to the Veggie Tale song and LOVED it!
    Thank you again for another wonderful sermon last Sunday.
    I so appreciate you!

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