Epiphany 4: It IS all about me


Well, the Jonah story said that it wasn’t about me, it was about what God is doing with God’s people. Who am I to get all twitchy when God decides to save a whole bunch of people who don’t deserve it?

True. And yet, this week I’ve had to deal with yet more conflict, more obfuscation of truth, less “holding it up to the light.”

I was super whiny. All right, I AM super whiny. I’d like to just go about my business, preaching, teaching, doing my job.

But it came to me that this IS my job. I am a leader, called, ordained, set apart. I’ve been so for 11 years, but only recently have I realized that, like parenting, it falls to me to be the person who is wise, who is calm, who teaches the way of peace, of expansion, not contraction, the person who holds things up to the Light, if you want to get all Epiphany about it.

That IS my job. It may be your job, too, no matter what you do during the day. People all around you SHOULD be honest, they should be trustworthy, they should seek to hold everything up to the light……but they don’t.

And it’s our job, exhausting as it may be, to simply stay where we are, to not be moved by anxiety or worry or distraction, to hold everything, EVERYTHING, up to the Light.


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