Many of my posts have included The River Lutheran Church and Scott Seeke lately, and I think there’s a good reason for that.

Scott has been a mission developer for longer than I could stand it, longer than most people, longer than most people stay at an established church. He’s been a mission developer for SIX YEARS. Some of that is because our family can survive on less than two full-time salaries (thank Jesus for Get Low, because it’s how we take vacations these days!), and some of that is because he is stubborn and will not give up, even when he probably should.

There were several times when he probably should have given up on The River. I would have, and I DID, although I was up against some stuff that he wasn’t, to be fair. The River’s been, basically, a small good church, for a long time. Mission development doesn’t work the way it used to, and so Scott’s been having to figure it out by himself, basically, at the same time (or before) the rest of the ELCA.

Anyway, he hasn’t quit, and what’s come of it is a cool little community in Alpharetta, Georgia, that does, indeed, love each other. They also feed the homeless regularly, pray, and do acts of service and worship.

But the other night, they ate BACON.

To see all those people filling my house as part of The River was super gratifying and made me proud. Perhaps they came for the bacon related dishes, which were stunning, but they also came to talk and eat and laugh and pray and all that stuff that represents the very best that church can be.

So on that note, I have chosen my spiritual practices for Lent. One is to continue my discipline of making my home a welcoming place, and of practicing hospitality. The other is to occasionally fast from all food.

It won’t be so hard, after all that bacon and awesome.


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