Lent and the Oscars



Last night was Oscar night, and by some miracle I was done with churchy meetings in time to be home for the BIG SHOW!  My husband calls it my superbowl, and it’s not far off.  I kind of didn’t care too much about the “teams,” but it’s always fun to watch the antics.

Except this year wasn’t as much fun.  Admittedly, it was kind of a crappy Oscars, even though there were a couple wardrobe malfuctions (JLO! Oh my.) and a leg malfunction (Um, Angie, what even WAS that?).   I actually liked the Billy Crystal antics because it reminded me of the 90s, when I learned to love the Oscars.  But mostly, it felt like too much.

I think this is maybe because it’s Lent.  I had never made the connection before and I’d scoff at anyone that says that you need to give up the Oscars or celebrations or whatever during Lent. Life goes on, and we do our disciplines, but we also wash our faces and go on about our days.

And yet. Scott Seeke will tell you that I would be the last person to say this, but it all seemed a little…..obscene. I went to Guatemala between last year and this one, and I’ve tried to help my church navigate through financially rocky waters, and in the face of what I feel like has been real work, real ministry, real life, that’s been so rewarding and satisfying that the Oscars just seemed sad to me

Part of it was that I’ve been in that world, super briefly. What I learned is that no matter how much you have, it’s never enough. You’re never popular enough, you’re never loved enough, you never have enough awards, because there’s always someone else younger or newer or more flashy right there with you. It’s why I don’t begrudge plastic surgery…..Lord knows I won’t DO it, but I understand having a business that will toss you out if, God forbid, your face starts to look a little, you know, YOUR AGE. And to celebrate that and even gossip about it seems terribly non-Christian, although I have SO done it, as have we all, Oscars appreciators.

So if the magic is gone from the Oscars for me, what’s left is a good realization that it was never there to begin with. It’s all smoke and mirrors, airbrushing and corsets, self-congratulatory fluff. That’s okay, and entertaining, and I may find it fun again sometime. But this Lent, too much is too much. May God be with Hollywood, and may God give them the peace that passes all understanding, cause I bet they, just like us, could use it.


3 thoughts on “Lent and the Oscars

  1. I’ve been having a rough Lent only made rougher by the fact that the only music I listen to are lenten hymns and folk songs; the exception being on Sundays.

    Sundays are never fast days. Truly our churches take on a more somber posture as there are no flowers, but they are not Sundays of Lent, but rather Sundays in Lent. It is the one day a week that catholics (includes Lutherans, Anglicans, and Orthodox, perhaps Rome too) following the traditional fast are not allowed to either fast nor abstain; to do so is vanity, pride.

    I appreciate your meditations on the culture of wealth-porn of which the Oscars may be a part, but please don’t feel that Sundays belong to anything but rejoicing. They are the day of Resurrection.

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