Oh, the Lutherans

As I’ve mentioned, I’m going to be part of a Blog Tour next week discussing the church and social media. Sometimes I get frustrated with the Lutherans, even though they are my people, for only discussing and not jumping in, but I am proud to be a part of this conversation that’s already taking place in many circles: how do we share the hope that fills us using the media with which we work and spend our time?

I have been forming some questions for Mark Vitalis Hoffman, who is a professor at LTSG (a Lutheran seminary in Gettsyburg, Pennsylvania) and will be addressing them on the blog tour. My date for the tour isn’t til next Thursday, May 10, but the questions I want to ask and talk about are questions that I ask all the time.

I’m thinking about these:

1. There are some things, spiritually speaking, that now a person can Google and find all kinds of answers, and people sure do use that tool for big spiritual questions. How can the church address those things through social media or otherwise? How can we direct them to a caring person who can answer that question?

2. In your video promoting the new degree concentration on the church and media, you use words like “inundated” and “surrounded” to describe what social media is like for you and others. What would you say to those for whom social media is not an inundation; it is part of our very lives? How does this affect what we think of as community, and specifically “church”?

3. I am first and foremost a preacher; what changes do you see afoot for preachers as far as social media goes?

Any more? Post them here or on FB, and please do come back next Thursday to see what he has to say.


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