Just Dance

I’m excited and honored to be the preacher on Day 1 this weekend! If you are a Holy Trinity person, you will hear it again in a few weeks, fair warning!

It was a great experience to record the sermon and I appreciate the opportunity! I’ve already gotten a call from someone in Ohio wondering if I’m related to some OTHER Birkholz up north (I’m not, but thanks for asking!). Fun times. If you are a new reader of my blog, welcome, and feel free to browse the archives.

This summer, I’ve also been blogging some at Tumblr to be able to post short snippets here and there, which is what my summer has been like.

Enjoy, and if you hear the message of the sermon, here’s a little help:


5 thoughts on “Just Dance

  1. What a nice job. I read this after I completed my own sermon for Sunday and found myself wishing that you were coming to share this with my congregation on Sunday and that I could sit in the front row. This is my first reading of your work. From one who’s been at it 42 years next week…. thanks. You have a great future.

    1. This was an excellent message, Beth! I am a United Methodist pastor from Port Clinton, Ohio, and just discovered your preaching on Day 1 as I was finishing up my message on David for this week. Thanks again for your words about dancing and community singing (I am giving you a shout out during tomorrow’s message) and for your insight, humor and faith.

      I also watched your June message from You Tube on God’s will…my viewing bumps you up to 13 hits! Just a few hundred thousand more hits you will go viral! God’s will is impossible to know, but if we aren’t at least somewhat concerned about it as we make our life choices, how can we say that we care about God?

      1. Thank you for listening and watching! Hey, 13 is more than Jesus got, right?

        It’s those questions about God’s will and “plan” that I wanted to wrestle with. Tough, but also worthwhile. Blessings to you.

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