Exciting news! My self-described “partner in love and chickens,” Scott Seeke and I are starting a podcast in January 2013. We kept talking about all the questions that people ask us, starting with the all time favorite (and our first podcast topic), “How does THAT work?” and going on from there. This means how do we ever manage two churches, two kids, and not being in the same church, ever. We’ll also discuss sermons, chickens, God, hunting, yoga, and more.

We’re open to topic suggestions as well, and we’ve started a new blog where the podcast and our show notes will reside (that is, things we may talk about and want to give links for them). So if you’re interested, please check out Revs for details, and you can also follow us on twitter at @revspodcast.

In other news, Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar for 2012 will be starting again on December 1, and I’ll be talking about a different Christmas movie or TV show each day, in a Jesus-y sort of way.

Blessed Almost-Advent to you, and happy Thanksgiving!


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