Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 7: The Muppets’ Christmas Carol

Tears! And an actual mention of the Star of Christmas himself: JESUS! AND AN ADORABLE SINGING HOMELESS BUNNY. I almost couldn’t take it.

The adorable homeless bunny.
The adorable homeless bunny.

This is my favorite of all the movies we’ve watched so far, and has far and away the best story. It was written by Charles Dickens (with some insertions and hilarious editing by the Muppets), of course, so there was perhaps a teensy bit more thought put into this story, then, let’s say, A Christmas Wedding Date. The story is of a man who changes when he’s led to take an honest look at his life: past, present, and yet-to-come, by three spirits who visit him.

Interestingly, his change is also motivated by the fear of everlasting torment, hell, I guess. I had forgotten how the ghost of Marley (or in this case, Marley and Marley), showed Scrooge their chains and told him that if he didn’t change his ways, he would be tortured forever as well.

So there’s some interesting theology there, but there’s also the aspect of heaven-on-earth, which comes when he does change his ways.

A few things struck me about this SO familiar story. First, there’s a moment about halfway through the movie, when Scrooge begins to see how his life has taken this path, when you begin to feel sorry for him. It’s due to some excellent acting by Michael Caine, as an underrated Scrooge. He’s so awful at the beginning (especially when he just chucks a wreath at the homeless singing bunny!), but begins to soften and realize the horror of what he has become when he sees himself walk away from his true love as a young man. And you feel terrible for him, and YOU want to save him from his life.

But you have to watch as more and more things happen that he could have prevented, especially in Christmas yet-to-come. I mean, who doesn’t know that Tiny Tim dies in the future? I’ve read, listened to, watched in many versions this story of A Christmas Carol. But I swear to you I CRIED when they showed the teeny little crutch from the teeny little missing frog. And earlier, when Kermit (Bob Cratchit) says that Tim enjoyed church because he wanted to remind people of the one “who made the lame walk and the blind see,” I also teared up. And yay for the Muppets for leaving in ONE actual mention of Jesus, the first in SEVEN Christmas movies I’ve watched!

My other favorite part was the song that really is a prayer, and I’ll leave you with that for your prayer for today:

Bless us all.


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