Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 8: The Saturday Night Live Christmas Special!

So, perhaps Advent has caught up with others of you?

Last night, we watched one of my favorite TV specials from childhood: Saturday Night Live, holiday special! I grew up watching Saturday night live skits on the VCR, on specials, hearing my mom and dad belly laugh at all things Bill Murray, Garrett Morris, and Gilda Radner.

Probably my favorite sketch of all time (not including the amazing Pete Schwetty and his baked goods!) is “Christmas Wish,” performed by Steve Martin.

In our house, and in the church office, truthfully, we talk a lot about keeping things in the “bubble.” There are some things you just don’t say, but you think in your head.  This sketch is so funny because I think it describes all the things we think, but could never say, about the things we truly wish for Christmas.

We’re all really kind of selfish, but we can overcome it, for the good of all the children of the world, holding hands, and singing, in a spirit of love, peace, and harmony.


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