Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 10: Love Actually, Part 2

This movie is heartbreaking.

And I really think that’s probably the best picture of what Advent does. I don’t know about you, but every year I’m just not ready for the heartbreaking-ness of it. I think that it’ll all be fine; we’ll decorate the tree and put up the stuff and buy some gifts and plan worship and sermons….and I will emerge, emotionally untouched.


Advent does something that I think is cosmic as well as Christian. We distract ourselves from what’s really going on with all kinds of situations, like in Love Actually. I think this is because we can’t look directly at the light, which IS showing up in the world in the little bits and cracks, even for the most cynical among us.

But eventually, you’ll find yourself in the airport of life (for me, this looks a lot like church), noticing that love, actually, IS all around.



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