Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 14: ARROW

The post today is a guest blog by Scott Seeke, who watched the Christmas Episode of Arrow last night as I shuttled our oldest to pageant practice and back (shades of The Middle!). This new show Arrow, which is the CW network at its best, tells the story of the comic book superhero Green Arrow. It’s enjoyed by the people who are dudes in our house.
On the show, the main character, Oliver Queen, spent five years on a deserted island. It was all he could do to survive, and there was no way to keep track of time, so he missed Christmas. When he returns, he finds that his family has fallen apart. They even stopped having their annual Christmas party. To bring them back together, Oliver Queen decides to throw the party himself.

The problem, of course, is that Oliver Queen is now Green Arrow. Imagine how hard it must be to find time for everything you need to do at Christmas when you’re a vigilante superhero! Naturally, a crisis develops during the party, and Oliver Queen has to choose between his family or saving lives. Since the party is a bust, he chooses to go save lives, but that’s not what jumped out at me about this episode.

What jumped out at me is that Oliver’s choice is really just a bigger, more dramatic version of the choices all of us make every Christmas. We all have to prioritize, saying “yes” to some things and “no” to others. What we choose defines what kind of Christmas we have. Are we going to have a crazy, party filled Christmas? Or are we going to have a quiet Christmas focused on Christ? It’s really up to us. We can have whatever kind of Christmas we want, and like Oliver Queen, we have no one else to blame for the Christmas we get.

Thanks to my awesome husband for this reflection, and we’ll see you tomorrow with a review of “A Child’s Dream,” our kid’s Christmas pageant. (Spoiler: IT’S SUPER GREAT!)


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