Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 17: The Holy Trinity Christmas Pageant


I thought I would get back to my Christmas special watching, after taking a day’s break that I hope you all will understand.

The Christmas “show” that I watched over the weekend was your Traditional Christmas Pageant at the church where I’m a pastor, complete with a “lost sheep,” a hilariously shocked Joseph and Mary, and an adorable forgotten gift, brought in at the last minute.

It was made a bit heartbreaking by the fact that it was a day after the tragedy in Sandy Hook, but it did not diminish its joy.

The story was a little bit “borrowed” from Toy Story, where the toys under the tree came to life after the children went to bed, and talked to the manger scene characters. While I’m especially proud of the Toy Soldier who came to life (my 9 year old daughter), all of them were absolutely everything a Christmas pageant characters should be.

It ended with a family praying together before they ate breakfast on Christmas morning, thanking God, very simply, for the greatest gift.

I’ve said it before, but violence isn’t new; in fact, into that kind of a world, Jesus was born. The terror and the heartbreak is something that people feel every day, around the world. This is why we need to believe in a God who *is* love, a God who is HERE, a God who is, if nothing else (and I believe God IS more than this), the love that is being shown to families in the midst of a tragedy.


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