Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 20: Beverly Hills, 90210

It’s pouring down cold rain here in Georgia, which is not only UN-CHRISTMAS-Y according to every movie I’ve watched so far, but also makes for terrible conditions for running outside.

So I took myself to the treadmill, where they have awesome TVs built into each ‘mill. We don’t have cable anymore, so I decided on the best of what cable had to offer at 8 a.m.: Beverly Hills, 90210: “It’s a Totally Happening Life.”

"Let's just all be FRIENDS." Who else remembers how well THAT went?
“Let’s just all be FRIENDS.” Who else remembers how well THAT went?

This was an homage? a pastiche? a ripoff? of the beloved movie (which I hope to see at some point this year, but do not promise) “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Two angels were talking to each other about the group of friends who go to high school in Beverly Hills and all their drama. And there was SO much drama! I forgot how soapy this show really was. I did watch it, back in the day. I graduated in 1993, at the same time as the 90210’ers, and so the hairstyles and clothes are really familiar.

But the angels seemed to have some sort of a job, and that was to save the bus of snotty high schoolers from a collision with a truck so that everybody could live snottily ever after, I guess.

Kind of what the EW magazine said when they rated this episode #1 of the 90210 Christmas specials:

“The pièce de résistance, though, comes at the very end of the episode, when the angels and, they suggest, God Himself prevent the teens from being killed in a schoolbus crash. Ah, the perfect combo of abject awfulness and wild awesomeness, rolled into one.”

There are some redeeming values to this show, but I have to stretch to find them. They do become family for each other, and the family of the twins, Brandon and Brenda, is a supportive home for all of the kids with all of the rest of the family mess that they experience. The parents take them in, and become kind of honorary mom and dad for them, and I’ve always liked that theme.

But I was thinking about what might have been, and how in some cases things don’t happen and in others they horrifyingly DO, and how the past can’t be changed but maybe the future can, and that God is with us in all of our messes.

Just for a fun footnote: While I was watching, an infomercial hawking online college degrees came on. SHANNEN DOHERTY HERSELF WAS HAWKING THE COLLEGE DEGREES. It was like a train wreck…I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her poor self, once a TV star, now selling COLLEGE? It seemed like something that might show up in a terrible version of someone’s future….


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