Chickpastor’s Advent Calendar, Day 21: ELF

Guest blog, this time by 9-year-old M!

What did you like about this movie?
“I liked how Buddy thought that he was a real elf, and that he remembered nothing of his childhood, because it was funny. I also liked that the elves only eat sweet stuff, and how Buddy said, “Eat Food,” instead of go on a date, because he didn’t know what a date was. I also thought that it was funny when Buddy gave his dad a bra!”

What did you not like about it?
“I don’t think I liked that the dad didn’t believe in Christmas, and didn’t care about it or like it. The dad’s boss was a little harsh on him, because if it was something really important he could have had someone else read the pitch.”

What do you think it had to do with Jesus or God?
“It’s because Buddy really wanted to find his dad, and that’s where I saw a lot of love, and where I saw God in the movie.”

Any other thoughts?
“I think that it was a really great kids movie, except for the mild bad language.”


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