Guate-Blog, Part One

I have so many pictures and thoughts from my trip the past nine days that I thought I would just narrate some of my photos while it’s still fresh. Like my last trip, it was challenging and thought-provoking and exhausting and beautiful. Hopefully the pictures will tell a better story than my tired brain can manange.

We began our trip on Sunday going down into the “church in the ravine,” AKA La Resurection in La Tuerto community. You go down uneven stone steps…


And shocker….Jesus is there too!


After worship fellowship. Someone asked me if the Lutherans in America believed in things like….um…Jesus? Yes. Yes, we do.


We then climbed OUT of the ravine, and after a visit with a sick member of the church, we went to church again.

But after church came a shared lunch.


The next day we went to the school for the first time this trip, and spent time with the “mas pequenos,” the little bitty kids who had not seen any Americans, ever, and weren’t sure, according to the teacher, how we were going to treat them.


It worked out fine.


Especially when our El Guapo decided to teach them harmonica…


Afterwards, some happy work on the Lutheran Center.


The next day we tackled a bit of landscaping:


And then headed back to the school for the older group, which was around 65 children.


That also worked out pretty well for a first day, though we only had two days with each class!



More tomorrow, I promise.


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