Guate-Blog, the final chapter.


On to amazing Antigua, Guatemala for a short tourist trip for a day or so….the picture above is of one of the beautiful 18th century buildings (with one of the three volcanoes above it!).


Flowers growing out of the ruins of the old cathedral, which was broken by an earthquake in 1776.  Still gorgeous, though.

Photo-4_16_13,-2.54.20-PM-13My view after I hiked up to “La Cruz,” a cross that overlooks Antigua and has a view of all three volcanoes.


A flower outside my hotel room, in the courtyard.


Back to Guatemala City and a view of the “people’s market,” where we jostled with grandmas selling all manner of produce, meat, fish, and tostadas.


And on to the Palace in Guatemala City, built in the 1940s.  These are the “hands of peace,” to remind us that peace is in the hands of the people.  Interesting…


For our last “meal” with our partner church, Holy Trinity in Guatemala, we introduced them to a fantastic American campfire treat….except with chocolate and fruit flavored Guatemalan marshmallows!  SUPER YUM.

Photo-4_18_13,-12.20.35-PM-10Saying goodbye.


And ready to get home to Atlanta with our shirts that sort of described the trip…..things happen, but “Guatever,” we’re still going to have a good time and do what we came to do!


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