Big Ol’ Advent Photo Project Roundup!

I’ve been taking pictures for the 3rd(?) Annual Advent Photo project, hosted by Rethink Church on Twitter and Instagram. The idea is that you create your own Advent calendar, making it an exercise in mindfulness, by snapping a picture each day that represents one word that you are given.

I LOVE this project because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do: make me mindful about Advent as I go about my day. So here are the first week’s photos for those of you not on Twitter or those other social media platforms:

Day One: GO When we were in Florida for Thanksgiving, we got to try paddleboarding for the first time. I’m SO hooked. There’s nothing I’ve experienced that’s more meditative than GO-ing along the water like this, through the mangrove tunnels and all.

Day Two: BOUND Fifteen years next year of being bound together, in the best possible way.

Day Three: PEACE I actually TOOK this photo off the dock in Florida as well. It was the sky after a giant, cracking storm, and it was that beautiful shade of grey that stretched on forever.

Day Four: TIME I noticed that pictures of my son, my brother, and my dad, all about the same age, were on my fridge. Time is a funny thing.

Day Five: FLOOD Out the car window on the way home. Unfortunately, flooding is not hard to find these days around my house.

Day Six: AWAKE I went to a pet store to get some cat wipes (don’t ask), and stopped to look at the sleeping birdies. Then, suddenly…

Day Seven: READY About to step out to lead worship. Stole, boots, and game face on.

Day Eight: WISDOM My ancient dog. She is blind, deaf, and while she had anxiety issues in her younger years, she’s pretty zen, now.

Day Nine: DELIGHT Once a year, you can go to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta for free, sing Christmas carols, and watch a movie. AND there’s snow in Georgia! Delightful.

I’ll do another roundup in another nine days or so. It’s not too late to join in…it will help you slow down, and, literally, focus. (See what I did there?)


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