Leaving and returning

I have not been blogging for many months now. But I am returning for a few reasons. I’m fasting during Lent from social media of all forms (for me), Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Unlike some friends, I’m not doing a total electronics fast; it’s Lent, and I’m a pastor in need of SOME distraction and entertainment from electronic sources.

But I was finding that I resented social media, and that it was clouding the things that I was doing. It was taking me out of moments I was experiencing because I was trying to figure out how to capture it, how to give it 140 characters, how to be witty and share things but not TOO much.

That’s not how I want to be spending my time.

I want to write MORE, not less. I don’t want to be pithy and witty…I’m not a pithy person by nature, and I’m more ridiculous than witty.  I’m embarking on a new project about pastoral identity in a few weeks that will deserve much more than a short update, and I want to share it, but not in a sound bite.

I got a new camera that’s better than a phone, and I want to use it to take beautiful pictures for my own enjoyment (and maybe this space).

So for Lent, I’m leaving, but also returning. It feels good. I don’t know about what anybody else is called to do during Lent. I think Christians are called to fast from something or to add something, but I don’t know what that is for you, so no judgment here.

I hope that you also have a fruitful 40 days. I’m excited about this new adventure. It feels like freedom, and that’s something to which to pay close attention.

Blessed Lent.



2 thoughts on “Leaving and returning

  1. Hi CP – it was a pleasant surprise to see a new blog post by you in my inbox. I like reading your blog posts, but usually lurked more than commented. Actually, I’ve only ever associated giving up something for Lent with the Catholic church, so I’ve not participated in a very long time. I was raised Catholic, but left in my teens. I guess I also left all things “Catholic” behind as well – at least those I associated with being Catholic. I’m curious to read your future blog posts, to read about this 40 day adventure and all its twists and turns that this new freedom will bring.

    1. Hi there! It’s good to be back. It’s definitely a Lutheran thing also to give something up, but it’s not as “prescribed,” I guess. It’s more about what will be helpful to you, as grace, not law, because that’s how we roll. 🙂 Looking forward to discussing with you as well, always good to hear your perspective.

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