One of my goals for getting off social media was being outside more, just for the purpose of being outside. I keep reading all kinds of studies (while I SIT INSIDE, and the irony is not lost) about how being outside is good for not only your soul, but your body.

However, a few weeks ago after I blogged last about my goals, the weather was SO poor that I mostly had the goal of survival and I may have entertained myself by buying camping gear online in anticipation that it would be springtime.

This week, though, I met my goal of being outside as much as possible. My youngest child finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels and is zooming around, so suddenly we are a Family Who Bikes. We’ve gotten out almost every day for a loop around the neighborhood, and it is crazy how it makes us all feel better.

And the thing that relates to my little experiment is that, for the first time in a LONG time, I didn’t take my phone on any of these bike rides or even outside at all. I simply forgot.

Here’s to more time outside, whatever the weather (although below 20 degrees….questionable!), to health, to all of us being more conscious of where we are.


3 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Would love to know how you convinced your youngest to get out on a bike; I’ve got that same problem at my house. Kids just don’t seem to ride bikes these days, do they? I rode mine for hours growing up. And it is a great outdoor family activity!

    1. Well, he was a little embarrassed that he couldn’t already do it, so that was motivating. Plus, I told him that if he could ride a bike well by the time we go camping for spring break, he could ride all around the campground. And then he figured out that it’s super fun. Kids do ride bikes in our neighborhood but it did take (yet again!) me getting out there with them and teaching him, and then riding with him too. But I have all this free time now…. 🙂

      1. LOL – yes, having all that free time does help!! Guess I just need to find the right motivator for mine and then find the pump for the tires on my bike – not sure which one of those “treasure hunts” will be easier! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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