Social Media Lenten Fast Update

So I’m almost five weeks into this Lenten discipline of no social media.

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned and done:

If you go paddleboarding and don’t Instagram it, it still gloriously happened.

I can actually forget my phone and be totally okay with it.

I can move about in the world without the burden of knowing EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY.

I’m super, super loving the freedom of it, and am reminded of when I was eighteen and just went driving around my hometown, stopping to sit by the lake sometimes. Nobody knew where I was, and I was TOTALLY fine.

It’s kind of lonely.

I miss my colleague groups online for sermon discussion, but preaching is easier than ever because I don’t get weighed down with other opinions or second guessing.

Still trying to figure out the big lesson in all this, or if there even is one. Either way, I’m happy that I was called to this fast for whatever it’s teaching me.


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