Women telling the truth about their lives! Only $10!

About nine years ago, I made the questionable decision to go to the Festival of Homiletics in Atlanta. I had a baby who came with me everywhere (making it questionable), but a good group of friends (including another mom with a baby) who said that we’d just all go, and it would be fine.

We were in our 30s then, but we decided to buy matching t-shirts from some place someone found online.


We were sitting in the hallway, playing with the babies and trying to listen to the preachers, when another crew of women walked out and introduced themselves. They were so excited because we were wearing THEIR SHIRTS.

The crew was the beginnings of the RevGalBlogPals, which is a group of women clergy (and friends) with blogs such as this one. I joined the blogring (which was a thing, I swear) and began to get to know some of these women through their writing. It was almost shocking to read about their lives, which were a LOT like mine, and hardly anyone I knew had a life like mine.

Now the RevGals have birthed a book, and they asked me to be a part of it. I represent the clergy couples, and I tried to write as honestly as I could about my life, which I consider (as I say in my chapter) to be a subversive act.

The awesome thing is that over FIFTY other women, all reverends of some sort, did the same thing in this book. I am overwhelmed by the truth and loveliness in it! Probably it’s best summed up by a quote from the intro from a dear friend of the RevGals: “Be fierce and fabulous for Jesus!”

It’s available on Amazon and any number of other places. Enjoy!


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