Yay! It’s November!

The other pastor who I work with has been on sabbatical for five weeks, so I am even more grateful than usual to get to this month! And it’s also NANOBLONOMO month! I always get that title wrong because it looks weird to me, but what it means is that it’s National Blog writing month, and we’re all encouraged to write on our blogs this month with writing prompts, if we want. Join me if you want to!

Question for November 2: Write about what you wear at church (your best clothes, your comfy clothes, robe, stole, etc.). What does the phrase “church clothes” look like in your world?

Chickpastors are doing it for themselves! (and for Jesus. And for others.)
Chickpastors are doing it for themselves! (and for Jesus. And for others.)

I wear a clergy collar, otherwise known as a “dog collar” or “that weird priest outfit” on Sundays, for funerals, for weddings, and for other special occasions. The first time I put on a collar it felt double weird for me…I hadn’t seen too many women wear collars and it felt like Halloween, like playing dress up.

It took me years before I put on the collar and felt like myself. But now it gives me strength when I put it on before a difficult funeral, or sermon, or anything. It reminds me that when I wear it, I’m not just myself, but I’m actually putting on pastor CLOTHES. There’s something powerful and dignified about it. I feel that way about my robe, too. When I put it on, I’m somehow MORE than I am, which is why it’s a good symbol for this strange calling. It’s also a political statement when a woman puts a collar on, and I have gotten where I LOVE it. Yeah, look at me funny. Go right ahead. I’m still the Reverend.

I LOVE clothes, and so I couldn’t be in a world where I wore clergy collars every day; when would I wear my weirdo t-shirts and Chucks? Thankfully, in these weird post-post-modern times, I wear my collar to church on Sunday morning and wear my Wonder Woman Converse to meetings on Sunday night. Both seem to be equally celebrated, although the Wonder Woman shoes get a little more attention now (deservedly so). And totally representative of this strange, wonderful life I get to lead.

See y’all later in November! Let me know if you’re writing, too!


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