NaBloPoMo Day 3: What’s your random obsession? The Tudors, tie-dye, the perfect sauerbraten recipe… Tell us a little something about your secret or not-so-secret love.  
My random obsession is shared by a lot of people these days…it’s the soundtrack from the new musical, Hamilton. 

It started slowly like some obsessions do…I saw friends tweeting about it, my podcasts freaked out about it, and it was, most importantly, free on Amazon Prime. I listened to part of a song and thought, Meh.

But then the other day I was painting my kitchen on my day off, and I thought I’d give it a good listen. Oh. My. Hamilton is SOOO good. Before I knew it, I was singing it all the time, googling the real story, and buying several revolutionary war biographies on my kindle. I’m more and more of a history nerd in my old age, because it’s such an awesome predictor of the future, and I’ve always loved a musical. So this is a totally delightful combination of history and musical nerd-dom that can make all of our nerdy heads explode with joy.

I love the idea that, as the creator Lin-Manuel Miranda says, present day Americans (many of them people of color) can tell the story of early Americans, and while the language is a little different, the spirit of the story is so present. The songs are fresh, totally singable, and you have totally never heard a rap battle about foreign policy until you’ve heard the one on the Hamilton soundtrack. It will also, spoiler alert, make you cry and break your heart when you hear them sing about events that happened nearly 250 years ago. 

I have to put another coat of paint on my kitchen walls tomorrow. Guess what I’ll be listening to? 


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