The Uber

Nanoblomo Day 5: what’s something you’ve done that isn’t exactly in your job description?

SO MANY THINGS. I think this is common to any of us in the helping professions; something needs doing, you just kind of do it.

A few moments stick out, though. 

When I was seven months pregnant with my second baby, I found myself crawling under a table in my tiny mission congregation, trying to figure out why the plug didn’t work for the coffee maker. I figured it out (light switch on the wall!), crawled out, lugged my huge self to my feet, and made coffee for 30 before preaching the good news.

Just about a year ago, the 65-year-old senior pastor I work with came into my office. He sat down and said, “you know I never pull that senior pastor thing, but I need you to do something for me.” I braced myself, because this is true. He never does pull the senior pastor thing, and when he has, it’s a big deal. A funeral? A wedding? A visit an hour away? I was ready. Instead, he just said, “can you put us on the Uber?” He and his wife had recently taken the car sharing service for the first time with a friend, thought it was pretty cool, and needed help getting the app set up.

Yes. Yes I can. 


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