Indigo Girls and Wild Goose, revisited

A few weeks ago a podcast came through my app for On Being, and it was the very interview and concert that I have pictures of here: Wild Geese

It was Krista Tippett interviewing the Indigo Girls after, as she describes it, a “biblical” thunderstorm. My daughter and I stood under someone’s shelter as the thunder boomed and the rain poured down in sheets, but I would not leave. When it cleared up, we went back and sat in our soaked chairs and listened to this gorgeousness happen. I didn’t remember the whole interview, perhaps because I had a soaked (though interested) 10 year old with me. 

But this morning, it’s exactly what I needed to hear, about singing ourselves into activism, about how we find God in smoky bars and in church hymns, and that there’s a line between secular and sacred but we can’t always draw it where we think. 

Listen, if you want to feel a little hopeful in the midst of the chaos of Advent, and the world we live in today. 

On Being, Indigo Girls


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