Bible Sisters

Can you imagine…

A devotional book that is based around ALL the women mentioned in the Bible? 

A book that has short devotions that you can read while waiting in car pool (see picture below)?

Devotions that are short yet deep? 

Prayers that use many words to describe God, not just he or him? 

Devotions that aren’t for any specific day, because who knows when you’ll have the time to read one again? 

This book exists, and it’s called Bible Sisters. I was given a copy of it by the awesome Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest review, and my honest review is that it’s pretty great for a person with a busy life who wants an inclusive, female friendly devotional book. 

It’s written by the Rev Dr Gennifer Benjamin Brooks, who is a professor and pastor in the United Methodist Church. Her bio says, “she is committed to supporting women and speaking out in support of their rightful place in the realm of God and in the church.” YES!! 

Would you like a FREE copy of this book? I have a copy to give away so comment here, and I’ll choose someone at random. Or not. Or maybe I’ll just give it to my mom. Either way, I hope you enjoy this book if you decide to pick it up too. 


7 thoughts on “Bible Sisters

      1. So sorry! I’m just seeing this. It was great seeing you briefly at Synod Assembly. My address is 6670 Vaughn Road, Montgomery, AL 36117. Thank you!!

  1. I would love a copy if you change your mind about giving it to your mom. It sounds wonderful and would provide an important resource for members of my congregation.
    Rev. Kathy Clark
    Federated Church of East Arlington (Vermont)

  2. I certainly vote for your mom…….no wait so Trump is here of me…….do give it to someone most deserving!!❤️

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