Star WARS!

Several things are going on at my house these days. One is the Star Wars obsession. I always knew it would happen; just not how suddenly my J would be consumed with the minute details of every movie! And now, unlike when my little bro and I watched them every day, there are SIX. And DP and I are expected to keep up with every single one.

Second, the CHICKENS ARE COMING THIS WEEK. We are freaking out a little bit; I’m a nervous mama as usual but since they’re CHICKS instead of live humans I’m a little less freaked. They should be here in the next two days, and we’ll move from “having a little garden” to “crazy chicken homestead off the grid people.” Or so it will happen in my head. And to put one and two together, the chicks will most likely be named for some Star Wars figures…..I’ll just leave you in suspense, and guessing!

Third, as usual, I’m pastoring as much as a chick can. Rocking the visits, trying to not suck at my next sermon, navigating through rocky waters of financial crap and people’s “stuff.” Awesome.

So far this summer, though, is everything a summer should be. Hot and sticky, slower-paced, filled with fresh veggies and summer ales. Yum. Peace,


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